Reportedly JDU leader narendra Narayan Yadav was elected Deputy Speaker of bihar assembly unopposed on friday (23 February). narendra Narayan expressed his gratitude to the chief minister for this in the House. Regarding Nitish Kumar, narendra Narayan said that he has reached here today under his leadership and guidance. During this, he also expressed gratitude to Vijay Kumar Sinha and Samrat Chaudhary. Also expressed gratitude towards former Deputy Speaker of the assembly Maheshwar Hazari.

While narrating a line, he said that the punch is neither anyone's friend nor enemy. The speech that comes from the mouth of the Panch is the speech that comes from the mouth of God. By staying on this seat, I will listen to the views of both the parties and the opposition and will work to enhance the proceedings of the house by taking both sides together. He urged the members of the house to have a meaningful debate. Public problems arise. The government should resolve it. This will be my wish.

Further, narendra Narayan Yadav recited a line of Saint Kabir and said, "Speak such words that you will lose your temper, cool others down, make yourself cool." Saying this much in the house, narendra Narayan Yadav ended his speech by expressing his gratitude to everyone. Let us inform that JDU leader Maheshwar Hazari had resigned from the post of Deputy Speaker of bihar assembly on wednesday (21 February). Hazari, who became mla from Kalyanpur constituency (reserved) for the second time, was holding the post of Vice President since march 2021. After this, on thursday (22 February) narendra Narayan Yadav had filed nomination papers for the elections. narendra Narayan Yadav has been representing Alamnagar seat of Madhepura district since the 1990s.

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