Farmers' movement is now scheduled for february 29...

The "Delhi Chalo" march has now been postponed till february 29th, according to farmer representatives. This choice was made during the United Kisan Morcha and Kisan Mazdoor Morcha meeting on friday night when they discussed the protesting farmers' next course of action along the Punjab-Haryana border. The farmers' movement case has made it all the way to the supreme court in the interim. The supreme court has been asked to direct the Center to take the farmers' claims into consideration on behalf of petitioner Agnostos Theos. 

The farmers' democratic rights are allegedly being violated, according to the supreme court application. Furthermore, it has been alleged that the central government used force to put an end to the farmers' protest. According to the supreme court application, the farmers are peacefully protesting, and the federal government and the relevant state governments ought to be directed to treat the farmers with respect. The federal and state governments ought to be directed to take the appropriate actions to guarantee lawful migration. After farmer groups decided to reschedule the "Delhi March" till february 29, delhi Police reopened the borders with Tikri and Singhu on Saturday.

What are the farmers' demands?

The major demands of the restless farmers are seven.

A minimum support price ought to be guaranteed by the national government.

It is appropriate to punish the offenders in the Lakhimpur Kheri case.

Farmer cases ought to be dropped.

The government ought to forgive farmers' full debt.

Environmental regulations should not apply to farmers.

Pensions for elderly farmers and agricultural laborers ought to be provided.

Bill 2020, the electricity Amendment, ought to be withdrawn.

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