Arguments supporting the demands of farmers...

Farmers have long demanded the formal implementation of MSP, according to those who support their demands. According to reports, this kind of demand was previously brought up during the 2020–21 farmers' movement, and the government promised to take it into consideration at the time. Fifty percent of the population is directly dependent on agriculture, and six2% of the population is involved in it either directly or indirectly. Farmers continue to earn the lowest wages. They will be protected from market swings and receive a minimum price for their crops because of the MSP guarantee. As a result, farmers' financial situations will also get better, helping them to double their income.

Then-Finance minister Arun Jaitley stated that farmers would now receive at least 1.5 times more for their crops than what they cost when he presented the Central Government's budget in february 2018. According to the CACP report, the MSP that is currently being determined based on crop costs is A2+FL. The National Farmers Commission, a group headed by MS Swaminathan, was established in 2004 and gave its findings to the government in october of that same year. 

In its report, the Commission suggests guaranteeing MSP for farmers as well. According to the Commission's report, farmers should be guaranteed MSP by experiencing a 50% increase in crop costs on average. It is also known as the C2+50% formula. However, this was not put into practice.

Only at MSP does the government purchase this grain. This expense is extremely well-borne by the government. Why can't the government provide farmers with a legally-mandated MSP guarantee if it can purchase wheat at MSP and provide free rations to 80 crore people? The economic strain on the government also comes to an end at this point. But if it is recognized, the MSP's legal assurance will also contribute to the government's commitment being met.

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