Bihar Deputy cm Samrat Chaudhary addressed 'Advocate Samagam' on Sunday. During this, he once again targeted RJD. He said that earlier we were fighting, today we are in power. The share of power reached the bjp workers. We dissolved all the commissions. Some people had come to power through Chor Darwaza and bjp has done the work of ousting them by the ear. people thought that they would stop bjp from power by doing horse trading on the strength of money. They forgot in their misunderstanding that it is bjp which works to teach a lesson to others.

'No one can loot power with money'

Samrat Chaudhary said that they are trying to break the bjp MLAs. Absolutely not every single person who is involved in this crime can be boxed in. This thing is very clear. No one can loot power with money. Will not allow power to be looted. Some people are going around saying that my father had organized the party of 'mother' and the son is saying that it is 'father's' party. He is right in saying that the party belongs to 'my father' only.

Tejashwi Yadav has said this

Let us tell you that former Deputy cm Tejashwi Yadav is currently on Jan Vishwas yatra across Bihar. During this time, he is fiercely attacking bjp and cm Nitish Kumar. At the same time, during this time he described RJD as the party of father (BAAP) with 'MY'. While explaining the meaning of father, Tejashwi said that B means Bahujan, A means advanced, A means half the population and P means poor.

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