Regarding the paper leak in the UP police recruitment examination, Uttar Pradesh cm yogi adityanath said that the government will deal with those who play with the future of the youth with full strictness, then we will not leave such people either at home or at home. The action will be such that it will set an example. cm yogi said that those who create irregularities in providing employment to the youth are committing a national sin. If the government uses technology then these people also start using technology. If these people had used technology in the right direction, they would have been living a happy life, but they did not do so and now they will neither live at home nor at the ghat.

RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary said that I thank cm yogi that he listened to the problems of the youth and canceled the police recruitment examination. I would like the problems of the youth to be solved soon.

What did the opposition leaders say?

On this matter, SP chief akhilesh yadav said that the government had no intention of providing jobs, hence the paper has been leaked due to the negligence of the government. If the government's intentions were clear then the government would have taken action the moment the paper was leaked, crores of families have been affected by this. Regarding this, rahul gandhi said that bjp has deliberately leaked the paper so that unemployed people do not have to give jobs. UP congress President ajay Rai said that rahul gandhi raised the issue of paper leak in Prayagraj and lucknow during the Nyaya Yatra, hence the government took this decision. The question is whether Yogi government will bulldoze the houses of those who leak papers? And will PM Modi visit the house of the youth who committed suicide?

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