Former chief minister of madhya pradesh kamal nath attended the congress meeting yesterday (25 February). Many leaders including madhya pradesh congress President Jitu Patwari and vivek Tankha attended the meeting of the congress Committee regarding the lok sabha elections and rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra. This meeting was held virtually in which kamal nath insisted on making a list of names of the candidates. And said that on whichever seat the candidates have been decided, they should be informed that their names have been finalized so that they can form their team and start preparing for the elections. Let us tell you that kamal nath has attended the congress meeting at a time when a few days ago there was speculation about his joining BJP.

kamal nath said in the meeting, "Our main tasks are rahul ji's visit and preparations for the lok sabha elections. The date of rahul Gandhi's visit has been decided. We will have to work towards making this journey more successful than the last one. We have made in-charges but local people play a big role in this. Unless local people are involved it will not be successful. The atmosphere created by the yatra will spread across the state. It is necessary to create that environment before the elections.

I will campaign wherever I am told - Kamal Nath

Former PCC Chief kamal nath said, “Our second issue is the lok sabha elections. elections may be announced in a few days. It is being said that elections will be held in the third week of April, so we will have to think about how much time we have. This should be decided by the screening committee. Don't get into the trouble of making a complete list (of candidates), but those who are finalized should be able to start their work. My contribution in the lok sabha elections will be the same as I campaigned earlier. I will go wherever needed. Tell everyone who has to fight where so that they can form their team and start their work."

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