On sunday night, the dismembered corpse of a 65-year-old Bengaluru resident was discovered discarded in a drum close to the KR Puram neighbourhood. The body pieces were discovered, per the police, in an abandoned house's backyard. The woman had been renting an apartment close to KR Puram with her daughter. The victim's hands and legs were reportedly severed by the accused, who then threw them away before disposing of the remaining body parts in a drum, according to the police.
The incident was discovered when nearby residents noticed an unpleasant stench coming from the drum and quickly informed the Bengaluru police about it. It's possible that the event happened yesterday. Along with top police, I'm here to inspect the area. The corpse of a slain, about 65-year-old lady was disposed of in an abandoned area, according to Bengaluru police Additional Commissioner Raman Gupta.
Police have started a manhunt to find the accused responsible for the crime as they do more investigation into the situation.
"We are actively pursuing the investigation, and we aim to apprehend the perpetrators as soon as possible," Gupta stated.
The woman shared a residence with her daughter and a few other members. Even other family members reside nearby.

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