Reportedly the central government has taken a big step to change the image of the railway station of the religious city Ujjain. ujjain railway station will be developed on the lines of international airport. For this, the central government has approved Rs 421 crore. Apart from this, the picture of three railway stations in ujjain Alot parliamentary constituency will also change in the coming time. ujjain Alot parliamentary constituency mp Anil Firoziya said that prime minister Narendra Modi is always ready for the all-round development of Ujjain.

Meanwhile in this series, prime minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone of the first phase to beautify the railway station at a cost of Rs 421 crore to change the direction and condition of ujjain railway station. After this, the railway station will also be developed in the second and third phase. He told that the way passengers get facilities at the international airport. This type of facility is going to be available at ujjain station also after the completion of the railway station work.

Moreover Anil Firoziya told that madhya pradesh governor His Excellency Mangu Bhai patel has laid the foundation stone of the railway station to be developed at a cost of Rs 29 crore at Nagda Railway Station. A dignified program has been organized in his presence. Similarly, the government is going to spend Rs 25 crore to modernize Khachrod railway station in ujjain district. Similarly, Rs 37 crore will be spent on Rupeta and bridge. Its foundation stone has also been laid. It is believed that in a city where railway stations and bus stands are developed, employment opportunities also increase. Keeping this in view, ujjain railway station is being developed at a cost of Rs 421 crore. ujjain railway station has a daily traffic of more than 25,000 passengers. Apart from this, Nagda and Khachrod railway stations also hold great importance. Nagda railway station is identified as a junction. Here there is movement of vehicles going to and from many states including delhi and Mumbai.

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