According to sources a big game took place again in the politics of bihar on Tuesday. Three MLAs of Mahagathabandhan joined NDA. On this, deputy cm Samrat Chaudhary took a dig at Tejashwi Yadav on Tuesday. He said that the child was saying that he would play. We are giving toys to the child. At the same time, deputy cm Vijay Sinha said that many MLAs of the Grand Alliance want to join NDA. Right now we are keeping the Grand Alliance MLAs in check. Today three Grand Alliance MLAs joined nda because Tejashwi wants to keep the MLAs tied like bonded labour.

Meanwhile deputy cm Vijay Sinha while attacking Tejashwi Yadav said that he wants to keep the MLAs tied to nepotism. The MLAs believe in democracy, hence the Grand Alliance MLAs are free to take any decision. RJD's situation is going to be like that of 2010. RJD will again remain a party with 25 MLAs.

At the same time, bjp spokesperson Kuntal krishna said that in view of the nationalism policy of prime minister Narendra Modi and the increasing support base of bjp, three MLAs of the Grand Alliance have joined the saffron side. He further said that there is nationalism on one side and familyism on the other side, the MLAs who like nationalism are coming together. Let us inform that on Tuesday, bjp State President Samrat Chaudhary along with congress MLAs murari Gautam and siddharth Saurav and RJD's Sangeeta Devi reached the Assembly. After this it became clear that three MLAs of the Grand Alliance had joined the nda side.

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