Accordingly the budget session is currently going on in the bihar Assembly. During this time, the changing politics of bihar is also being seen. On Tuesday, congress and RJD MLAs broke down. congress MLAs siddharth Saurabh and murari Gautam joined the ruling party. Apart from this, RJD mla Sangeeta Devi also broke down. She came and sat in the ruling party.

Hence according to the information received, siddharth Saurabh of congress, murari Gautam and Sangeeta Devi of RJD have now joined the nda camp. It is also being said that all three leaders can join BJP. Talks have been held with the bjp high command regarding this. After this incident, once again the politics of bihar has become intense. This is being considered a big blow for congress and RJD. Before this, three more RJD MLAs had defected. It included chetan Anand, Prahlad Yadav and Neelam Devi.

Moreover regarding this disintegration, congress mla Dr. ajay Kumar said that what is going to happen in the matter of disintegration of six to seven MLAs? Only you (media) can know this. On Congress's efforts to stop the split, he said that everything was fine till the day of the floor test. If it is not today then what will happen tomorrow? Who knows. Let us tell you that RJD's Sangeeta Kumari had won the Mohania assembly seat in the 2020 assembly elections. murari Gautam had won the Chenari reserved seat by defeating Lalan Paswan of Nitish Kumar's party JDU. Meanwhile, siddharth Saurav of congress had won the election from vikram constituency of Patna.

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