As per report voting for the 10 rajya sabha seats of Uttar Pradesh has been completed and a total of 395 votes have been cast in this election. The results of this election will also be declared within some time. In the rajya sabha elections held in UP, some Samajwadi MLAs did cross voting, for which SP mp Dimple Yadav has targeted without naming them. SP mp Dimple Yadav has written on her social media platform X that people should wait for the cycle of time.

Meanwhile SP mp Dimple Yadav posted on X and wrote - "Those who have taught the society the lesson of immorality are those who have no dignity and ideals. They should wait for the cycle of time and wait for the decision of the public. "At the same time, SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, who came to cast his vote in the rajya sabha elections, had fiercely targeted the BJP. The SP chief had said that those who dig a pit for others, fall into it themselves.

Moreover let us tell you that in the rajya sabha elections, SP has made famous actresses Jaya Bachchan, Alok Ranjan and Ramjilal suman its candidates. However, the victory of the third SP candidate was spoiled by the SP MLAs themselves. Some SP MLAs voted not for SP but for BJP. Due to which the victory of the third candidate of SP seems impossible.

These SP MLAs spoiled the game in rajya sabha elections

Rakesh Pandey (voted for NDA)

Rakesh Pratap Singh (voted for NDA)

Abhay Singh (voted NDA)

Vinod Chaturvedi (voted NDA)

Manoj Pandey (voted for NDA)

Pooja Pal (voted for NDA)

Ashutosh Maurya (voted for NDA)

Maharaji Devi (absent)

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