Reportedly the troubles of actress and former mp Jaya Prada have increased. mp MLA court of Rampur has ordered to take action under Section 82. The date to appear in court was on Tuesday. Due to her absence, the court said that action under Section 82 should be taken against Jayaprada. Let us tell you that summons have been issued to summon jayaprada to appear. So far, non-bailable warrants have been issued seven times. jayaprada is not reaching the court every time.

Earlier in 2019, a case of code of conduct violation was registered against Jayaprada. The hearing of the Model Code of Conduct violation case is going on in the Magistrate Trial Court. A case of violation of code of conduct was registered in Camry and Swar police stations. Jayaprada's statement has not been recorded yet in the entire matter. Even today the MP-MLA court of Rampur was sitting to hear. The court had to adopt a strict attitude regarding his non-appearance. The court said that proceedings under Section 82 should be initiated against Jayaprada.

Moreover former mp jayaprada will be arrested and presented in court. The court has issued orders for the posting of a special police inspector. Prosecution officer amarnath Tiwari said that Jayaprada's address is outside the state. The court ordered the Superintendent of police to form a team to arrest Jayaprada. The team will execute the court order. It is noteworthy that in 2019, bjp candidate jayaprada had lost the election from Rampur. SP candidate Azam Khan, who stood against Jaya Prada, was victorious in the elections. jayaprada has represented Rampur in the lok sabha by winning the elections twice on SP ticket. Now Jayaprada's troubles have increased due to violation of the model code of conduct. Now the case will be heard once again on 6 February.

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