Reportedly the important thing is that leaders of Prakash Ambedkar's Bahujan Aghadi are also attending this meeting. There are 48 lok sabha seats in maharashtra on which discussion is to be held regarding which party will field candidates from where. There was a dilemma on six seats in maharashtra, especially in Mumbai. Some of these seats are such that both shiv sena, UBT and congress were claiming them. However, it is believed that the seat sharing formula will be decided today itself.

Perhaps this meeting is being organized at Trident Hotel in mumbai for which leaders of MVA constituents are reaching the hotel one by one. Sanjay Raut, Vinayak Raut and Anil Desai from Shiv Sena-UBT reached the hotel to attend the meeting, while Anil Deshmukh and Jitendra Awhad from ncp Sharad Chandra Pawar reached the hotel to attend the meeting. At the same time, Dhairyavardhan Pundkar is also participating in the meeting on behalf of Bahujan Aghadi. A few days ago, Prakash Ambedkar had written a letter to the MVA leaders asking them about which party is contesting from where so that they can also take a decision.

Moreover on the other hand, while some leaders left the congress before the elections and joined the constituent parties of the ruling alliance, the clan of the india alliance seems to be growing. In fact, it is considered certain that Prakash Ambedkar's party will contest the lok sabha elections as a part of the india Alliance. In the last lok sabha elections, when undivided shiv sena had contested the elections along with bjp, bjp had won 23 seats, shiv sena had won 18, Sharad Pawar's ncp had won four and congress had won one seat. Political equations have changed in this election. shiv sena and ncp have divided into two factions. One faction is with the government and the other is in opposition. That is why elections in maharashtra have become very interesting.

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