Reportedly before the 2024 lok sabha elections, there was once again a major reshuffle in the politics of bihar on Tuesday. There has been a double attack in 15 days on the Grand Alliance with former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav, who claims to be playing in Bihar. On one hand, the Grand Alliance is facing a setback, while on the other hand, 3 is proving to be a lucky number for the nda in Bihar. Understand its story.

Actually, Tejashwi Yadav is on tour in the districts of bihar under Jan vishwas Yatra. Crowd is also visible in Jan vishwas Yatra. On one hand he is out to win the trust of the people and on the other his own people are betraying him. On tuesday, apart from two congress MLAs siddharth Saurav and murari Gautam, RJD mla Sangeeta Devi left her party and joined the nda camp.

Moreover understand the game of lucky number three. Actually, floor test was to be held in the assembly on 12th February. At that time many RJD leaders including Tejashwi Yadav had claimed that there would be a game and the government would fall. However, something else happened and Tejashwi got a shock. That day three RJD MLAs left the party. These three MLAs were chetan Anand, Neelam Devi and Prahlad Yadav. These three MLAs had come and sat in the ruling party camp during the floor test. Something similar happened on tuesday (February 27) also. Even today, three MLAs of the Grand Alliance left their party. The three MLAs include siddharth Saurav, murari Gautam and Sangeeta Devi.

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