Bengaluru is suffering from a water shortage.!? Why?

A few months before the summer season, Bengaluru faces a severe water shortage. As a result, people are struggling to get water, a senior Bangalore-based cardiologist has urged new home buyers in Bengaluru to get a water contract with the builder or Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). Under this contract, the builder/BBMP will supply water at all times and for the next 99 years. Otherwise, there is no point in buying expensive houses, said Dr Deepak krishnamurthy, senior cardiologist at kaveri Hospital in Marathahalli. Citizens with existing houses will have to stop paying property taxes if the government does not provide enough water. government can do better in lake protection, rainwater harvesting, and improvement of groundwater levels. Dr. krishnamurthy added that there is a limit to unlimited growth. Most people don't do this, and it hurts them later. Also, builders make false promises including continuous water supply. vishal Kumar posted on X site that people are registering water tankers like crazy across Bengaluru. It doesn't make sense to buy a house in an apartment complex if there are more than 1,000 houses. There will be a great scarcity of resources. A builder recently constructed a 3,000-unit complex. How will you provide water to the people living there? That is what Ganesh prasad has asked on the X site. Meanwhile, the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board announced a 24-hour water supply shutdown on Tuesday. It was explained that this supply stoppage is for carrying out essential maintenance works, unmetered water treatment, and installation of bulk flow meters. In 2023, the lowest monsoon rains resulted in low groundwater levels. The water level in the Cauvery River basin reservoirs that supply water to Bengaluru has decreased. Also, due to the water dispute with tamil Nadu, one of the city's water sources is paralyzed. Bengaluru with a population of 1.3 crore is struggling to meet its water needs. The cost of water trucks has also gone up due to water scarcity. Water tanker dealers have started charging residents of some parts of Bangalore Rs 2,000 for a 12,000-liter tanker. customers report that it was Rs 1,200 a month ago. We now have to book water tankers two days in advance. My plants have dried up,” said Santosh, a resident of Horamavu in north Bengaluru.

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