Reportedly on this seat, bjp candidate smriti irani defeated rahul gandhi by 55 thousand votes. In this election, bjp got 49.92 percent votes in Amethi and rahul gandhi got 44.05 percent votes. Amethi lok sabha seat was formed in 1967. Earlier it was a part of Sultanpur South seat and from 1951 to 1962, congress won this seat continuously. In 1971, this seat was named Musafir Khana and this time too congress won from here. Sanjay gandhi filed nomination from here in the 1977 lok sabha elections but he had to face defeat.


Perhaps sanjay singh won the lok sabha elections held in 1980. But after his death in an accident, rajiv gandhi filed nomination from here and won. maneka gandhi contested against rajiv gandhi in the 1984 lok sabha elections. But rajiv gandhi registered victory. rajiv gandhi had also won from here in the 1989 lok sabha elections.

In this election, mahatma Gandhi's grandson Rajmohan gandhi and BSP founder Kanshi ram were against him. Even in 1991, rajiv gandhi was elected from Amethi. After his death, congress leader Captain Satish Sharma was elected mp from here. In 1998, Captain Satish Sharma was defeated by sanjay singh of Amethi. sonia gandhi was elected mp in the 1999 lok sabha elections and rahul gandhi was elected mp continuously in the lok sabha elections from 2004 to 2009 and 2014. Talking about caste equations, there are 18 percent Brahmins, 11 percent Thakurs, 16 percent Yadavs and Mauryas together, 20 percent Muslims and 26 percent Dalits. On this seat too,

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