On Thursday, delhi cm arvind kejriwal said in the assembly that when our government was formed in 2015, we had promised women that we will do whatever we can. We do not have delhi Police, which is directly responsible for public safety. Does not come within our scope. Despite this, we did whatever we could. No city in the world has installed such a number of CCTV cameras as we have installed in the national capital.

Keeping women's safety in mind, marshals were deployed in the buses. Installed street lights on dark spots. Today they are forced to protest on the streets due to the dirty politics of BJP. cm arvind kejriwal said that yesterday lg sahib wrote a letter to me on the problems being faced by civil defense volunteers, now the officers are saying that they called and threatened me.

Threaten to investigate

He said that if you do not stop this scheme, I will institute an investigation against you. Don't do gimmicks. I will put the investigating agency after you. Officers are being harassed in many ways. Revenue, finance and transport officials keep writing letters to us regarding this. Release the money of the employees. Employees have started facing problems. When asked the officials that lg Saheb was threatening to send him to jail.

Marshall plan in buses also stopped

While raising the question in the assembly, M asked what happened that lg stopped the deployment of marshals in buses. Whereas this scheme was running properly for the last four years. Because of the marshals, many such cases came to light in which marshals prevented crimes against girls and women. This plan was going well. Suddenly it was stopped from 1 november 2023.

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