DDA demolished the house of lawyer Hassan (Wakeel Hassan) in Delhi, who built a rat hole to rescue the laborers trapped in the tunnel of Uttarkashi. After this, his family was promised a temporary place to live and a house, but he rejected both the offers. Meanwhile, congress General Secretary priyanka gandhi has cornered bjp by sharing a video of the lawyer's wife on social media. priyanka gandhi said that the injustice of demolishing the houses of the poor is the truth of the injustice period of BJP.

priyanka gandhi wrote on 'X', "My husband was the hero of Uttarkashi... he had saved the lives of 41 people... everyone was respecting him." Today, in exchange for that honour, they took away my house!” lawyer Hasan risked his life and saved the lives of workers trapped in the Uttarkashi tunnel. Then, for their publicity, big leaders of bjp had got photographs clicked with him. When the campaign was over, today the same lawyer Hasan was locked in the police station and his house was demolished and the roof was taken away from the heads of his children. Demolishing the houses of the poor, crushing them, torturing and humiliating them – this injustice is the truth of BJP's “Injustice Era”. The public will definitely respond to this injustice.

lawyer Hasan warned of hunger strike

On the other hand, after demolishing the house of lawyer Hasan in Khajuri Khas area, DDA offered him to live in a temporary house. Talking to news agency PTI, Hasan told that DDA officials have told him that soon a house will be given in Govindpuri area but he has not accepted it as it is only a verbal assurance. Hasan alleges that the bulldozer was run on his house when he was not at home. If they are not given back their homes, they will go on a fast. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced in which his family is seen having dinner at night amid the debris. He spent the night on the footpath with his wife and children. Neighbors provided them food and essential items. More houses have been demolished in Khajuri. On the other hand, sources related to DDA say that their officials had met Hasan on wednesday night.

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