There are not many days left for the lok sabha elections. The problems of the opposition are continuously increasing in UP. Samajwadi party is continuously getting setbacks. While on one hand congress leader rahul gandhi and SP chief akhilesh yadav want to take small parties along, on the other these parties are leaving the I.N.D.I.A alliance and going towards BJP. RLD, SubhaSP have already left SP. Now AIMIM's NE is also preparing to contest elections alone in UP. AIMIM is preparing to contest on more than 25 seats in UP in the lok sabha elections.

In the 2022 assembly elections, AIMIM had fielded 95 candidates. asaduddin owaisi also held many rallies during the elections. Still, the party's account was not even opened, but due to AIMIM contesting the elections, SP's votes were affected in many assembly seats. Because SP's vote bank is also Muslim and AIMIM's vote bank is also among Muslims. This time in the lok sabha elections, since AIMIM does not have an alliance with any party, the party is preparing to contest 25 seats alone.

'AIMIM will contest elections on 25 seats in UP'

There is a strong discussion in the politics of UP that AIMIM party will contest on 25 seats in Uttar Pradesh in the upcoming lok sabha elections. Regarding this matter, AIMIM Purvanchal Secretary Shamshad Khan while talking to ABP Live said that we are definitely prepared to contest on more than 25 seats in Uttar Pradesh in the upcoming lok sabha elections. varanasi is also a big center, hence we have sent the names of candidates from varanasi also to the top leadership of the party. It is also being said that asaduddin owaisi can also contest the lok sabha elections from UP.

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