Chief minister is proud of the government's strong legal battle

Chief minister M.K.Stalin has welcomed the supreme Court's verdict dismissing the plea of the plant management to allow the re-opening of the Sterlite plant.

The tamil Nadu government ordered the banning of the Vedanta Group's Sterlite plant operating in Thoothukudi district following intense protests and sacrifices of lives by the people of the district. This order was also upheld by the madras High Court. Following this, a petition was filed in the supreme court on behalf of the Vedanta Group to allow the plant to reopen.

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The tamil Nadu government continued to present strong arguments with senior advocates for this petition. In this case, the supreme court ruled on the petition today and dismissed the petition of Vedanta Group. And the decision was taken based on the violations committed by the plant. The supreme court has mentioned that protecting the environment is one of the important jobs of the state government.

Moreover, the madras high court hearing this case does not appear to have been involved in any violation. Appreciated the High Court's handling of the Sterlite case.

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In this regard, chief minister M. K. stalin has issued a statement in this regard, "Due to the strong arguments put forward by our government against the environment-friendly Sterlite plant in Thoothukudi, all the explanations of the plant management have collapsed and the supreme court has given a historic verdict that it was right to close the plant. This is a victory for the people who continued to fight against the toxic plant and for the strong legal battles of our government! We will protect people from any danger," he said.

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