Three prominent names are Dr. divya Gupta, Kavita Patidar and Dr. Aayushi Deshmukh. bharatiya janata party can make any one of them its candidate. However, away from political discussions, BJP's equations are different and this time it is yet to be decided who will be BJP's candidate for victory in the Lok Sabha.

Dr. divya Nagpal Gupta

The first name in the list is Dr. divya Nagpal Gupta, who has been appointed by the central government as a member of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). divya Gupta is associated with bjp and has also contested board elections in Daily College. She was also involved in the election steering committee in the municipal elections. Apart from this, she is also very active socially. divya started work on women empowerment in the name of Jwala Organization. A large number of girls and women are associated with this group. His organization has also made many records.

Dr Ayushi uday Deshmukh

Talking about the second name in the list, Dr. Ayushi uday Deshmukh, she is the wife of late Bhayu Ji Maharaj and has taken MBA degree in wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital Marketing. Apart from this, the operation of Suryoday Ashram is in his hands and he has deep penetration in the Maharashtrian society.

Kavita Patidar

The third name in the list is Kavita Patidar, a rajya sabha member and a bharatiya janata party worker. Kavita's father Bherulal Patidar was the Speaker of madhya pradesh assembly (1993-1998), while Kavita Patidar is an LLM student. Kavita Patidar has been bjp State General Secretary and President of indore District Panchayat. That means Kavita Patidar can be said to be the face of bharatiya janata party in madhya pradesh who belongs to the backward class.


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