According to bjp sources, there are 3 main reasons for not dissolving the assembly in Bihar- Most of the MLAs are not ready- bjp is the largest party in bihar Assembly. It currently has 81 MLAs. Sources say that most of the bjp MLAs are not ready to hold elections yet. The MLAs argue that there are still about 2 years left in their tenure and if elections are held before time, most of the MLAs will not be able to repeat their seats.

The mla gives figures of 2015 and 2020 behind this. In 2015, more than 50 bjp MLAs could not win the elections. However, the party's performance in this election was very poor. BJP's performance improved in 2020, but 18 MLAs of the party could not reach the house after winning again. In such a situation, many MLAs fear that the equation will be disturbed if they go to the elections before time.

The assembly should not lose in the lok sabha - BJP's biggest fear is the loss in the lok sabha elections. The bjp high command feels that if elections are held together, people's anger may be directed at them, which will impact the lok sabha seats. bjp is working on a clean sweep plan in Bihar. In 2019, the party had won 39 out of 40 seats under the nda alliance. However, in the assembly elections held after the lok sabha, the parties of the Grand Alliance made a strong comeback. nda had won in a very close contest. At the same time, if lok sabha and assembly elections are held simultaneously, then nitish kumar can again get the life of MLAs. Which can prove harmful for the future politics of the party.

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