Pakistan elections are rigged..!? America is in shock..!

It is known that the elections in pakistan have ended recently. But no party will get an absolute majority there and a coalition government will be formed. As there was a court ruling not to contest on the PTI party symbol led by Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan, all the candidates on his behalf entered the fray as independents. However, the PMLN party led by Nawaz Sharif did not get a full majority either. With this, the PML-N party will form the government in alliance with the PPP.
 Democratic members have written a letter to US President Joe Biden asking him not to support the new government that is going to be formed in Pakistan. In the letter, they stated that the recent pakistan elections were rigged and the US is taking the matter seriously. In the letter, they revealed that there is strong evidence of rigging in the National assembly elections of pakistan held on february 8. They asked the mp election scene to wait till a transparent and comprehensive investigation is done on the matter. Otherwise, they said that they underestimated the democratic spirit of the people there and supported anti-democratic tendencies. Also, PTI supporters created confusion in the pakistan Parliament on the same issue. Amid this turmoil, Nawaz Sharif's brother Shehbaz Sharif is preparing to take oath as the new prime minister of Pakistan.

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