There is a discussion among the people about bjp fielding a woman in front of Kajal Nishad. Malini Awasthi's name is at the top in this. The reason for this is also clear because he has spent a long time among the people of Gorakhpur and has a good reputation among the people here. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see who lives up to the expectations of BJP. He says that BJP's policy in the last assembly and other elections has been shocking.

In the assembly elections, bjp surprised people with the face of the chief minister in the top leadership. In such a situation, if bjp works on tickets under this policy, then it can be said that this is an alarm bell for many sitting MPs. But this is still in the future until bjp does not announce the names. The argument of bringing in a woman's face to reduce their influence does not hold much weight. There doesn't seem to be any need for this. This can happen if bjp leadership follows the tradition of changing faces.

What is the expert opinion on PDA?

Gorakhpur seat has been there since the time of Nanaji Deshmukh and the top leader in the temple movement was Mahant Avedyanath. This is an area of deep influence for bjp and Hindutva politics. This has been a big opportunity, for the struggle for the temple which was led four-five generations ago, now the Peethadhishwar of the temple is adding to the achievements of the temple. So you will get benefit from it. Regarding Akhilesh Yadav's PDA formula, he said that the scenario of the country's politics at present is the election of dominance of bjp and others.

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