Reportedly the office bearers have also written the names of their choice in envelopes and sent them to the organization level. Sources said that this time bjp can do a new experiment in indore and a woman candidate can be fielded. Meanwhile, now a thing is going on in the social media of indore where most of the people are saying that bjp has always done shocking work and in the last few years, many such names have emerged which no one thought. Was not there. For example, if we talk about the post of indore Mayor, then the name of Pushyamitra Bhargava also suddenly came up for this.

Perhaps apart from this, there was a lot of speculation on the name of the chief minister in Madhya Pradesh, but the name of Dr. Mohan Yadav suddenly came up and he was made the Chief Minister. Apart from this, Union ministers were also made to contest the mla elections in the assembly elections, which was a matter of surprise for the people. Now it is believed that bjp can do some new experiment in the lok sabha elections also.

When talking about indore, sumitra mahajan successfully completed eight parliamentary terms as a woman mp from bjp in Indore. sumitra mahajan was mp from indore for 40 consecutive years and also became the speaker of Lok Sabha. After this, the command was given to shankar Lalwani in indore and in the last elections, shankar Lalwani was fielded as a candidate. But this time there is a discussion in the political circles that bjp can make a woman candidate from Indore.

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