As per report madhya pradesh cm Mohan Yadav reached Chhindwara for the first time after winning the elections. Chhindwara is the stronghold of former cm Kamal Nath. As soon as he reached here, he gave a big blow to the congress just before the elections. In fact, in his presence here a large number of congress leaders joined BJP. State congress General Secretary ajay Thakur, 7 councillors, 16 sarpanches, district members and many workers took membership of BJP. During this, cm Mohan Yadav said that some have come today and some will come tomorrow. The growing family of bjp is an indication that the time is running out for the country's successful prime minister Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile cm Mohan Yadav said, "The wind that blew in the entire state is the result of the same wind that the bharatiya janata party government has been formed in the state with 163 seats." I am thankful to you for this.'' cm Yadav said that no schemes will be stopped, bjp government will complete the resolution letter. chief minister Mohan Yadav said that there was a congress government in the state for a long time and there were many bad conditions. Due to the policies of Modi government, 25 crore population in the country and 2.5 crore people in the state have come out of the poverty line. This is a moment of pride.

Moreover cm Mohan Yadav said that there was a gap in Chhindwara in the last assembly elections but this time together we will win the Chhindwara lok sabha elections. In the program organized at dussehra ground in Chhindwara, cm Mohan Yadav said sarcastically that "There can be no better place than this for the valor of Lord Shri Ram." dussehra celebrated in Chhindwara. There is no need to say anything more than this. Seeing the large number of people present in the meeting, the cm said that the wind that is blowing and spreading love of the people is an indication that bjp will win in the entire state including Chhindwara.

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