As per report allahabad High court has acquitted Kunda mla in a fourteen year old case. The court has declared 20 people innocent in the case related to kidnapping and firing in the police station. The lucknow division bench of allahabad High court has given this decision on Friday. Actually, Kunda mla raja Bhaiya has been acquitted in the case registered against mayawati government. raja Bhaiya has been acquitted in the case of kidnapping and firing in the police station. In the decision of lucknow Bench of allahabad High court, 20 people including raja Bhaiya have been acquitted. This case was filed by BSP leader Manoj Shukla. This case was registered in 2011 during the BSP government.

Meanwhile the government had ordered to bring back the case in 2014. But the MP-MLA court did not allow withdrawal of the case. After this raja Bhaiya had approached the High Court. Now on friday he got a big relief from the High Court. It is noteworthy that this entire matter is of 19 december 2010 and is related to the election of the block chief. Then BSP had filed an FIR against a total of 20 people including raja Bhaiya and MLC Akshay Pratap. The BSP leader alleged that firing was done in the police station after the BDC member was kidnapped. A case was registered under these allegations in 2011. At that time it is believed that BSP leader Manoj Shukla and raja Bhaiya were against each other.

Moreover it is alleged that after the kidnapping, shots were fired from both sides. After which questions were raised on law and order regarding this matter. After which, on the initiative of Manoj Shukla, a case was registered against 20 people including raja Bhaiya, MLC Gopalji, Vinod Saroj and former mp Shailendra in Kunda police station. Many people including raja Bhaiya had to go to jail in this case.

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