Reportedly many MLAs of Mahagathabandhan are continuously breaking away and joining BJP. The politics of bihar has heated up on this. On this, JDU spokesperson neeraj kumar said that Tejashwi is doing Jan Vishwas yatra at night and his MLAs are breaking during the day. This is just the beginning. There will be a big rift in the Grand Alliance in the coming times. At the same time, minister Prem Kumar from bjp quota said that this is a trailer. In future, there will be a big break in the Grand Alliance.

Meanwhile neeraj kumar said that the MLAs who are breaking away from the Grand Alliance are poor people. If they contest lok sabha elections in the Grand Alliance, they will have to pay money and land. That's why we are changing sides. Lalu family has been taking land and money from the poor in the past also. At the same time, minister Prem Kumar said that the Grand Alliance MLAs are changing sides after being impressed by the work of PM Modi. Till now 7 Grand Alliance MLAs have switched sides and joined BJP.

Perhaps at the same time, RJD mla Ramvriksh sada said that the grand alliance is being broken by the investigating agencies by intimidating the MLAs and luring them with money. This is very unfortunate. On this issue, congress mla Vijay shankar Dubey said that the MLAs of the Grand Alliance are being intimidated by the investigating agencies. There should be a ban on this. bjp is killing democracy. Let us tell you that RJD mla Bharat Bind has changed sides and joined NDA. Since february 12, seven MLAs of the Grand Alliance have joined the NDA. Most have gone to BJP. Five RJD and two congress MLAs have changed sides.

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