bharatiya janata party has released its first list of 195 candidates for the lok sabha elections on march 2. In this list, the party has again expressed confidence in many old faces while many other faces have also been given a chance. If we talk about Madhya Pradesh, out of 29 seats, bjp has declared candidates for 24 seats. Union minister jyotiraditya scindia has been fielded from Guna seat. Due to which there is a wave of happiness among Scindia's supporters.

The scene of which was seen on saturday evening. After the announcement of Jyotiraditya Scindia's name from Guna seat in the first list of bjp, his supporters celebrated by dancing and singing. Along with the workers, leaders were also seen dancing to the beat of the drum. Former mla Gopilal Jatav also appeared excited with happiness. He danced vigorously to the beat of the drum. He was seen dancing on one leg.

Scindia will contest elections for the first time on bjp symbol

Union minister jyotiraditya scindia is going to contest elections for the first time on the bjp symbol. In 2019, Scindia had contested the elections as a congress candidate. He lost from Guna seat to bjp candidate Krishnapal Singh Yadav. Guna lok sabha seat is considered the stronghold of the Scindia family since 1957. congress has won the Guna seat 9 times. Whereas bjp has won 5 times, Jan Sangh has won once and Swatantra party has also won once. lok sabha elections have been held here from 1952 to 2019.

Krishnapal Singh Yadav's ticket canceled

bjp has canceled the ticket of Guna mp Krishnapal Singh Yadav. jyotiraditya scindia has been given the ticket in his place. jyotiraditya scindia was active in Guna lok sabha for a long time. Because he suffered a big setback after the defeat in 2019. He has also brought various development schemes here during his parliamentary tenure.

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