bjp has announced candidates for lok sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh. In this, some faces were repeated and some faces were changed. The name of former state cm shivraj singh chouhan is in this list. bjp has announced to give him ticket from Vidisha. shivraj singh chouhan has expressed happiness on getting the ticket. He has said about PM Modi that he is a man of the times and a visionary. He created history of public welfare by unprecedented development of india and now the resolve of developed india will also be fulfilled under his leadership. I have also got the opportunity to contribute like a squirrel in fulfilling this resolution."

'BJP will form government by getting more than 400 seats'

Former cm shivraj singh chouhan further wrote, "I have a very close relationship with Vidisha parliamentary constituency, the people here gave me the privilege of serving as an mp five times by electing me. Once again the party has given me the opportunity to serve my own family. It has been given. prime minister Modi is in the hearts of the people of the country. Under his leadership, bjp will form the government by getting more than 400 seats. The voice is coming from every heart that "This time, again Modi government."

Has been mp from Vidisha 5 times

For the first time, Shivraj was re-elected mp from Vidisha in the 11th lok sabha (1996) for the 10th lok sabha (1991) after atal bihari vajpayee left the Vidisha seat. He was elected mp from Vidisha constituency for the third time in 1998 for the 12th lok sabha, for the fourth time in 1999 for the 13th lok sabha and for the fifth time from Vidisha for the 15th Lok Sabha.

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