Political parties have intensified their preparations for the lok sabha elections 2024 in Gujarat. After the release of BJP's first list of candidates on saturday (2 March), the political temperature has increased further. This time the contest for Bharuch lok sabha seat of gujarat is between aam aadmi party and BJP. aam aadmi party has fielded its flamboyant leader Chaitra Vasava from Bharuch seat. So, playing a gamble, bjp has made Mansukhbhai Vasava its candidate on this seat. In gujarat, congress and AAP are contesting elections together under the I.N.D.I.A alliance. AAP was successful in convincing congress on Bharuch lok sabha seat of the state. Arvind Kejriwal-led aam aadmi party has fielded tribal leader Chaitar Vasava as its candidate from this seat.

Election battle between Vasava vs Vasava

There will be a Vasava vs Vasava fight between aam aadmi party and bjp in the Bharuch seat of Gujarat. Mansukh Vasava has won from Bharuch seat 6 times consecutively. After aam aadmi party made Chaitra Vasava its candidate, bjp also played the tribal gamble and decided to field Mansukh Vasava by retaining its ticket on this seat.

Who is Mansukh Vasava?

However, Mansukh Vasava is mp from bjp from Bharuch lok sabha seat of Gujarat. He is known as an important tribal face in this area. Mansukh Vasava has been successful in winning elections from this seat 6 times in a row. Mansukh Vasava won elections from here for the first time in 1998. Since then he has been continuously winning from Bharuch. Mansukh Vasava has also held the responsibility as a Union minister in the past. It is believed that Mansukh Vasava has a very strong hold on this seat among the people.

Who is Chaitra Vasava?

In gujarat politics, Chaitra Vasava is also considered very popular in the tribal community. He is currently an important face of the aam aadmi party and is also currently an mla from the same party. Chaitra Vasava is representing aam aadmi party from Dediapada assembly constituency from 8 december 2022. He was in jail for the last few months for allegedly threatening forest employees. arvind kejriwal also went to meet him in jail. The population of Vasava community in Bharuch is estimated to be around 38 percent. Dediapada assembly also falls in Bharuch Lok Sabha.

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