I never said.. annamalai hit the ball!

I have not said anywhere that I am going to contest the parliamentary elections. bjp State President annamalai has said that he will only carry out the work of coordination for bjp to win 39 constituencies in the elections.

Speaking to reporters at the coimbatore Airport yesterday, bjp State President annamalai said, "Independently of politics, the elders of the community should take up charitable work like Guruji in the hands of drug awareness. India's border states have a huge problem with drugs. For india there are two Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle. Iran, pakistan and afghanistan are the Golden Crescent.

Although the world's largest producer of OPM is trafficked throughout the world in its region, india is also a hub for it. Similarly, the prime minister has been taking strict measures to prevent drug trafficking in india since Myanmar and cambodia are also entering india in the North-East region. He said that today these smugglers are infiltrating the district and on the one hand urged the police to take action against the politicians.

He said that Gurudev is conducting a wonderful program in coimbatore on behalf of his movement as a generation is being destroyed by drugs and we request more community elders to continue to conduct similar programs. In 2013, four people, including Zafar Sadiq, were arrested for smuggling synthetic drugs. If he was arrested for 20 kg and today after 11 years he is dealing with 3500 kg, the police department should fully monitor such people.

He wins awards for DGP and runs a company in the film industry. He is in the friendship of great men. Since he is a friend of the DMK family, let's start talking about him being good. Zafar Sadiq is not the person who could have come today. In 11 years he has taken Vishwarupam. The Chief Minister, who holds the home Ministry, has requested that strict action should be taken in the matter of drug trafficking and the tamil Nadu government should coordinate all parties and consolidate it as a community movement.

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