We are going to hold an anti-narcotics program in South kashmir on the 7th and 8th. He also said that the Union minister and others will participate in it. Naam Tamilar party President Coordinator Seeman if he wants a symbol he should apply first. If Seaman was the recognized party then the symbol would be for him. But he did not get the symbol as he was not a recognized party.

Holding Seeman's hand, he questioned whether I had told Naam Tamilar party not to apply for renewal of the symbol and what was Annamalai's connection with not getting the symbol. He said that first Seeman should know the truth and speak and first he would scold Modi and now he has started scolding Annamalai.

Responding to a question regarding former minister Jayakumar's talk about BJP's use of mgr and Jayalalithaa's image, annamalai said, “People who talk will keep talking. prime minister Modi has talked about Rajaji and Karmaveer about Kamaraj. He also spoke about the late Captain Vijayakanth. He also pointed out that he was talking about the character of all the leaders.

We talked about PV narasimha Rao and we talked about whether congress wants votes. So far we have given 10 Bharat Ratna awards to Pranab Mukherjee, narasimha Rao and even non-party people. He also said that former minister Jayakumar's speech is as absurd as the congress party holding a press conference and talking absurdly about why they have given Bharat Ratna to all of them.

Unlike in Puducherry, in tamil Nadu only bharatiya janata party leaders will be on Bharatiya Janata posters and the prime minister is not talking about leaders in tamil Nadu for votes. The vote bank of other parties is melting. They are talking. annamalai also criticized that they are talking in secret because they themselves know that the leaders who are there now will not follow their path.

As far as the parliamentary elections are concerned, I have work to do in all the thirty-nine constituencies. I have no dislikes doing it. Whatever prime minister Modi says, I will abide by it. annamalai Thera also said that I never said that I am ready to contest.

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