According to sources bharatiya janata party has announced the names of 195 candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha. Among these, madhya pradesh has also fielded candidates on 24 out of 29 lok sabha seats. bjp has made former cm shivraj singh chouhan its candidate from Vidisha parliamentary seat. The argument behind making former cm Shivraj the candidate is being argued by political experts that bjp has given ticket to Shivraj Singh Chauhan from Vidisha to woo its beloved sisters.

Perhaps in fact, in the recently concluded assembly elections, bjp had got a bumper 163 seats. Despite this, Shivraj Singh Chauhan could not become CM. Due to shivraj singh chouhan not being made the cm, lack of happiness was seen among the dear sisters. This is the reason why bjp has made Shivraj Singh Chauhan its candidate to help the 2 crore 29 lakh beloved sisters of the state.

Let us tell you that currently Ramakant Bhargava, who is very close to Shivraj Singh Chauhan, is the mp from Vidisha lok sabha seat. Ramakant Bhargava is also a resident of Shahganj, near Shivraj Singh Chauhan's home village Jait. In the elections held in the year 2019, bjp had made Ramakant Bhargava its candidate. In this election, Ramakant Bhargava had registered a majority of more than five lakh votes. This victory of Ramakant Bhargava was the third major victory of the state. Despite this, bjp has canceled the ticket of Ramakant Bhargava and made Shivraj Singh Chauhan its candidate for the upcoming lok sabha elections.

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