The bharatiya janata party (BJP) has been making efforts to expand its political influence in southern states, where it has traditionally been considered weaker compared to the northern regions. The upcoming lok sabha elections are crucial for the bjp to secure a strong position in the southern states. According to an india TV - CNX opinion poll, the bjp is expected to perform well in karnataka but may face challenges in some other southern states.

In karnataka, the survey suggests that the bjp, which won a significant number of seats in 2019, might secure 22 out of the 28 seats on its own. However, the bjp is also exploring the possibility of forming an alliance with the janata dal secular (JDS), which is predicted to win two seats. The congress is expected to win four seats in Karnataka.

The survey predicts that the bjp could win five seats in tamil Nadu, where it contested with the AIADMK in 2019 but did not achieve substantial results. The BJP's alliance with the AIADMK and the strong leadership of the party president annamalai are cited as factors contributing to this potential success. In Kerala, the bjp is estimated to win three seats, breaking new ground for the party.

In Telangana, the bjp, which won four seats in the previous elections, is expected to secure an additional seat, bringing the total to five. The congress is predicted to win nine seats in Telangana. However, the survey suggests that if the bjp contests independently in Andhra Pradesh, it might not secure any seats. The survey estimates that the bjp could win a total of 35 seats across the southern states, excluding Andhra Pradesh.

While these predictions indicate a potential improvement for the bjp in southern states, the actual results will depend on various factors, including the political dynamics leading up to the elections and the campaigns conducted by the parties. The BJP's performance in the south will play a crucial role in determining its overall success in the upcoming lok sabha elections.

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