While addressing the crowd during the Jan vishwas Rally at gandhi Maidan in the capital Patna, RJD supremo Lalu prasad Yadav had said that PM Modi is not a Hindu. Lalu had also attacked nepotism. Now bjp has given a befitting reply to Lalu Yadav. Former deputy chief minister of bihar sushil kumar modi issued a statement on monday (04 March) and attacked. sushil kumar modi said that prime minister Narendra Modi is a Hindu who establishes temples from ayodhya to UAE, respects saints and celebrates diwali with soldiers, whereas Lalu prasad is a Hindu who eats mutton-meat in Sawan and worships Ram. Those who boycott the temple are Hindus.

'One should apologize to ram devotees'

The bjp leader also said that Lalu prasad feeds him mutton, whose party created the fake narrative of "saffron terrorism" and shed tears over the deaths of terrorists. Lalu prasad should apologize to ram devotees for his anti-Hindu politics like becoming a hindrance in the temple movement and stopping Advani ji's Rath yatra in Bihar.

Reminded of former education Minister Chandrashekhar

Further sushil kumar modi said that Lalu Yadav's party made a Hindu who condemned ram Charit Manas as the education Minister. His party never commented on any other scripture or religious symbol, while insulting Hindus who applied tilak by calling them hypocrites and even traitors. In RJD politics, being a Hindu is 'communal'. For them, the people of india may be Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Forward-Backward, Dalit, North Indian, South Indian, punjabi or Kashmiri, but no one is a Hindu. sushil modi said that Lalu prasad will not be able to reduce with his light words the huge wave of public support that has come in favor of prime minister Modi, who is proud of being a Hindu and is dedicated to the renaissance of Sanatan culture.

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