MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha's luxurious life in jail..!?

Do you know what kind of life MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha, who has been busy in public life for many years, is getting in jail? Arrested in a liquor scam case, kavitha asked for many wishes in jail. BRS party MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha, who was arrested in tihar jail in a liquor scam case, is not getting relief. There is no way out. They are working hard to get Kavita out of remand. All bail attempts are failing. But what is kavitha doing in prison? I wonder what her lifestyle is like. A discussion has started among the public that Kavita, who has been busy in public life for many years, is now in jail. While hearing the arguments in the court regarding the bail, the court refused. Although kavitha appealed to provide some facilities even if she was not granted bail, the court agreed to them and ordered the prison department to provide what kavitha requested.
Many facilities are being provided to kavitha while she is in jail. Apart from jail food, kavitha is getting home food. Kavita who is in jail asked for pens, books, and papers. kavitha also focused on health in prison. When asked for a rosary for yoga and meditation, the court agreed. Walking will also make a poem on these. kavitha asked for sports shoes for them and the court agreed. The court ordered the prison department to provide Kavita as she asked for shoes without laces. According to the orders of the court, the prison department officials are providing various facilities and things to Kavitha.The trial is going on in Rouse Avenue court in Delhi. Advocate abhishek Manu Singhvi is appearing on behalf of Kavitha. It is reminded that there is no mention of Kavita in the delhi liquor scam case. The lawyer reminded me that kavitha was arrested even though her name was not mentioned in the FIR registered by ED. In the first, supplementary chargesheet, Kavita was not named. It has been clarified that there is no need to arrest kavitha while she is cooperating with the investigation. The hearing was adjourned to april 4 on Kavitha's petition seeking interim bail as well as regular bail.

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