The court allowed giving rosary and sports shoes to Kavitha…

The Rouse Avenue court has postponed the hearing on the bail petition of MLC kavitha to the 4th of this month. kavitha petitioned the court to grant interim bail to her younger son as he has exams. They asked for interim bail till the 16th of this month. The court heard Kavitha's petition and issued notices to the ED.

Abhishek manu Singhvi argued on behalf of Kavitha. Did you file a petition for regular bail for Kavitha? The court asked whether a petition was filed for interim bail. Kavitha's lawyers asked for interim bail as well as regular bail.

“The court has ordered to give kavitha 10 books along with home meals. The court also allowed rosaries for meditation. When they asked for sports shoes, they also wanted to give shoes without laces. The court permitted that too. The bail petition was heard today. The next hearing was adjourned to april 4. We have filed a petition for regular bail as well as interim bail," said Nitin Rana, a lawyer representing Kavitha.

But ED opposed Kavita's bail petition. Singhvi sought time to reply to the ED counter. He said that he would answer on the evening of the 3rd of this month. ED arrested kavitha on march 15 in a delhi liquor scam. kavitha was interrogated in ED custody for 10 days. Currently, she is in Tihar Jail.

The court has once again issued orders to provide home meals, books, and shoes to kavitha in Tihar Jail. kavitha filed a petition in the court but the jail authorities did not comply with the same orders in the past. The court after investigating the matter issued orders to provide facilities immediately. The court also allowed Kavita to meditate on rosaries.

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