Politics around the farmer in Telangana. KCR's visit.

The parliamentary election campaign revolves entirely around the farmers. Now with the harvest coming in hand, the crops have dried up in some areas. The opposition is bringing this issue to the fore. The chief leaders have already inspected the dry crops. On the 5th of this month, former Siam kcr will inspect the dry crop fields in Sirisilla, Vemulawada, and karimnagar assembly limits. bjp National Chief Worker, karimnagar mp Bandisanjay will launch Rythu Diksha in front of karimnagar Collectorate on Tuesday. The ruling party will be angry at the behavior of the opposition.

The heat of the karimnagar Lok Sabha election has started. Even though the deadline for nominations has not come, the leaders are bringing out all their campaign tools. There are mostly farmers in this constituency. Now in many areas, crops are drying up due to lack of irrigation water. Crops will be available in another fifteen days. But since this problem is in front of their eyes, the opposition has focused on it. Bandisanjay, who is already contesting as an mp from bjp in karimnagar, and Vinod Kumar, who is contesting from BRS, examined the dry crops. These two parties also discussed the issue of irrigation water. Now the BRS chief, former Siyam kcr has focused more on farmers' problems

At the time of the election, they are going for field-level observation. On the 5th of this month, dry fields will be inspected in Vemulawada, Sirisilla, and karimnagar assembly constituencies within the karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency. Before that, on the 2nd of this month, bjp leader Bandisanjay will hold a Rythu Diksha in front of karimnagar Collectorate on farmers' issues. bjp leaders as representatives of mandals have already submitted a petition to the authorities on farmers' issues. Besides, the bjp has called for protest programs to be carried out at farmers' kallas. These two parties are conducting election campaigns based on farmers' issues. In 10 days, programs like rice grain coming to IKP centers and selling will continue. But in addition per quintal Rs. These two parties are raising their voices demanding to give 500 bonuses.

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