That mp seat is special. BR's preparations to win..?

In any way, they should get that mp seat. For that, they should work seriously at someone's level. Everyone should have a role in winning that seat. These are the words that the leaders of the BRS party have repeatedly told their workers. Where is the position of that mp who has focused so seriously? BRS has seriously focused on the medak mp seat. Being the home district of former chief minister KCR and former minister Harish Rao, this medak parliamentary seat has been seriously focused on.

Combined medak district is the stronghold of the BRS party. Despite losing power in the state in the elections held yesterday, it won 7 out of 10 seats in the combined medak district. But even now the BRS party is making plans to hoist the BRS flag on the medak parliamentary seat. Former minister Harish Rao is directing the party workers to win here as the conditions then are different from the conditions now. medak spoke to every leader in the parliament and told them to work for the party. Preparation meetings have already been held in 4 constituencies and efforts are being made to infuse enthusiasm among the activists from time to time.

In the background of recent developments in the BRS party, the party cadre is taking proper precautions so that it does not get discouraged. It is suggested that even if the senior leaders left the BRS party, there would be no loss to the party, you all are supporting the party. In the assembly elections, the BRS candidates won six seats in this parliamentary constituency and the party got a majority of 2.40 lakh votes in this segment.

There is also a vested interest behind the announcement of the current MLC venkat Ramreddy as the medak BRS candidate. As he has previously worked as a collector within this parliament, he is familiar with the public representatives and people here. They are saying that if he wins as an mp, he will give 200 crores of rupees per year for the education of poor students for the duration of his tenure as an MP. They are working without telling each other that they should win the medak seat in any way that they should not lose the place they hold, and if they win this seat it will be a different level, so everyone should work hard to raise the pink flag on the medak mp seat.

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