BJP candidate from Nagai constituency has withdrawn its support for the bjp candidate

BJP Candidate: We are not respected...BJP candidate has no support- Hindu People's party takes action

The annamalai campaign was also not invited and the arjun Sampath film was also ignored, so the Hindu People's party has announced that it will not support the bjp candidate from the Nagai constituency.


Campaigning is heating up in the run-up to the parliamentary elections. Candidates are going from street to street hunting for votes. In that way, smaller parties will support and campaign for each party. The arjun Sampath-led Hindu People's party has extended its support to the bjp candidates who will contest across tamil Nadu. And in many places, bjp is campaigning in favor of candidates.

In this situation, the bjp candidate from the Nagai constituency has withdrawn its support for the bjp candidate saying that they do not respect them. Ramesh from Tirutharapoondi is contesting on behalf of the bharatiya janata party in the Nagai parliamentary seat. The executives of the party have alleged that they did not show any respect to the Hindu People's party during the election campaign.

The meeting of the Nagai district executive committee of the Hindu People's party was held yesterday at a private wedding hall in the Nagai Uppalayam area. In this meeting, a resolution was passed against the bjp candidate. A resolution was passed accusing bjp candidate Ramesh and BJP's Hindu People's party chief arjun Sampath of ignoring the flag in the Nagai parliamentary seat. Also, a resolution was brought that there is no support for the bjp in the parliamentary elections and that we will not do election work in support of the BJP.

We will not campaign for BJP

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Hindu People's party Nagai district President Vijayendran said that they will not campaign in support of bjp candidate Ramesh from the Nagai constituency and they will ignore the election work in Nagai, Kilvellur, and Vedaranyam 3 assembly constituencies in Nagai district. He also informed that the campaign program in which annamalai participated in the Nagai area was not invited and announced that the Hindu People's party executive members could vote for the parties of their choice in the parliamentary elections.

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