CM Stalin's sensational accusation against PM Modi!

Sudden affection of fishermen for Katchatheevu election: cm Stalin's sensational accusation against PM Modi!

Chief minister Stalin has accused the bjp and prime minister Modi of staging a sudden fisherman-love drama for the sake of elections

The Kachchathivu issue has become a hot topic in tamil Nadu. On the occasion of the lok sabha elections, the bjp, which has taken this issue into its own hands, has been criticizing the DMK and the congress parties for the past two days regarding this incident that took place in 1974.

While political parties have been making promises during the elections for many years that they will recover Kachchathivi, with 20 days left for the lok sabha elections 2024, how Kachchathivi was handed over to Sri Lanka, RTI asked the Ministry of External Affairs. tamilnadu bjp president annamalai has released the information obtained through He also accused the congress party of carelessly giving away Kachchathivu.

Prime minister Modi has criticized the congress and DMK parties on his X page after sharing the data obtained by annamalai under the Right to Information Act regarding the carpeting of Kachchathivu. “The new details emerging in Kachchathivi show DMK's double role. DMK has done nothing to protect the interests of tamil Nadu.” prime minister Modi has been criticized again today.

In this situation, chief minister Stalin has accused the bjp and prime minister Modi of staging a sudden fisherman love drama for the election. In this regard, chief minister Stalin in his X page said, "The people of tamil Nadu are asking three questions to those who are staging a sudden Fisherman's love drama for elections after being in Kumbakarna slumber for ten years.

1. If tamil Nadu pays one rupee as tax, why does the Union government return only 29 paise?

2. Why tamil Nadu has not given even a single rupee as flood relief despite facing two natural calamities in succession?

3. Ten years of BJP. Is there any special scheme brought to tamilnadu under the regime?

Prime minister, answer all this without engaging in diversions. Answer Modi.” posted as

Earlier, Union External Affairs minister Jaishankar, who met the media on the Kachchathivu issue, said, "Both parties, congress and DMK, have approached the issue as if they have no responsibility." It is noteworthy that he had accused

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