Bharatiya Janata party H. raja attended the meeting as a special guest

H.Raja collected votes by speaking passionately on the stage; The candidate who fell asleep in the chair

While senior bjp leader H. raja was speaking furiously at the candidate's introduction meeting held in the Chengalpattu area, the BAM candidate sitting on the stage was shocked by the incident where he was sleeping.

Kanchipuram candidate sleeps on the stage in Chengalpattu

The National Democratic Alliance, which has been formed under the leadership of the bjp for the parliamentary elections on the 19th of tamil Nadu in one phase, consists of various parties such as Batali Makkal Katsi, tamil State Congress, Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam and OPS team. Jyoti Venkatesan is interviewing as a candidate in kanchipuram constituency on behalf of BAMAK in this election.

In this situation, a meeting of bharatiya janata party workers and a candidate introduction meeting were held. Former National Secretary of bharatiya janata party H. raja attended the meeting as a special guest and collected votes in support of Jyothivenkatesan, candidate of kanchipuram parliamentary constituency of Patali People's Party.

The candidate Jyothivenkatesan, who was sitting on the platform, fell asleep and fell asleep, creating a stir among the bjp and alliance party executives.

Following this, former National Secretary H. raja spoke to the media and said that bjp is the alternative to DMK. DMK and AIADMK have a fake relationship. AIADMK and bjp walked away from the alliance to make DMK win the parliamentary elections. DMK will not know the next station if they cross Gummidipoondi, Kantu Davala.

Stalin says that the Hindu Social Justice party is DMK. DMK said that Udhayanidhi and Shekhar Babu should be removed from the ministerial post and said that if social justice means Hindu Dharma, they will destroy the Hindu religion.

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