Former AAP mp Dharamvir will join hands with Congress...

Before the lok sabha elections, the process of defection of leaders of political parties intensified. In this series, former mp from patiala, Punjab, Dharamveer gandhi is going to join Congress. In 2014, Dharamveer gandhi won the lok sabha elections from patiala on an aam aadmi party ticket. After this Dharamveer gandhi moved away from AAP. Dharamveer gandhi will join the congress at noon in delhi on Monday. Dharamvir gandhi defeated patiala mp Preneet Kaur in 2014.

Dharamveer gandhi distanced himself from AAP in 2016

Cardiologist Dharamveer gandhi joined the aam aadmi party in 2013. After winning the lok sabha elections from patiala in 2014 on an AAP ticket, Dharamveer gandhi soon became disillusioned with the party and distanced himself from the party. Preneet Kaur was soundly defeated by Dharamveer gandhi in the 2014 lok sabha elections. Dharamvir gandhi got 3,65,671 votes and Preneet Kaur got 3,44,729 votes. He had won by 20,942 votes.

Formed its separate party in 2019

After this, before the 2019 lok sabha elections, Dharamveer gandhi had formed his separate party. This party was named Nawan Punjab. He stood third in these elections. With Dharamveer gandhi joining congress, his party will also merge with Congress.

Congress can field a candidate from Patiala

Congress suffered a big blow after patiala mp Preneet Kaur joined the BJP. But now with Dharamveer gandhi joining congress, the party will get strength in Patiala. congress can give him a ticket from Patiala. Dharamveer gandhi is a resident of patiala and has a good hold on this area.

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