A young man rides buffalo on the roads of Haryana…

The video of a youth from haryana is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. In this video, the man can be seen riding a buffalo. An instagram user named 'Bull Rider' has shared this video. At the beginning of this video, a young man is standing in front of a buffalo. After this, he climbs on the buffalo and starts riding it.

During this time, some bike riders were seen recording his video. Seeing the buffalo riding in the video, three youths riding a bike are first shocked, and then start making a video of this unexpected incident on their mobile. Let us tell you that this video was shared at the beginning of March. Since then this video is going viral in a huge way. This video has been viewed more than 41 million times and views are still coming. people have also given different types of reactions to this video.

People reacted

Some people show seriousness in this video. Commenting on this video, an instagram user wrote, 'Different ways of promoting animal cruelty.' Along with this, citing a viral trend, another said that 'India is definitely for beginners.' While one user said, 'This is animal abuse, he should be fined.'

At the same time, some people have given their reactions by making funny comments on the video of the young man riding this buffalo. On this, a user said that the man was driving a 'desi Lamborghini'.

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