Samajwadi party changed candidate in Khajuraho…

Under the india Alliance, the Samajwadi party has got a Khajuraho seat for the madhya pradesh lok sabha elections, on which a ticket was given to Dr. Manoj Yadav on behalf of the party. However, now SP has changed its candidate. Cutting the ticket of Manoj Yadav, now former mla meera deepak has been made the candidate. With this, Dr. Manoj Yadav has been made the state president of the Samajwadi Party. It is known that the bjp candidate from the Khajuraho seat is State President Vishnudutt Sharma, against whom meera deepak has contested the election.

Dr. Manoj Yadav was made state president

Let us tell you, Manoj Yadav was the Samajwadi party candidate from the Vidisha seat in the 2014 lok sabha elections. During that time he had to face defeat in front of BJP's sushma Swaraj. After this, he again got the ticket from Bijawar in madhya pradesh in the 2023 assembly elections. However, while canceling her ticket, SP made rekha Yadav its candidate. Now, after being selected as the candidate from the Khajuraho seat in the 2024 lok sabha elections, SP has again canceled his ticket. However, this time he has been made the state president of the party.

BJP captures 28 seats in Madhya Pradesh

In the lok sabha elections 2019, the bjp won 28 out of 29 lok sabha seats. There was only Chhindwara lok sabha seat which went to congress and Kamal Nath's son nakul Nath became mp from here. This time, the opposition is fielding its candidates under the india Alliance to challenge BJP.

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