Drought in Telangana..! Heated politics.. the reason is..?

Drought is spreading in many districts of Telangana. Crops are being affected as reservoirs, ponds, and ponds are filling up in many areas. However, BRS president kcr recently criticized the congress government for the drought conditions in the state. kcr, who participated in the Polambata program in the joint nalgonda district. kcr criticized the congress government as the reason for the drying up of crops and voltage supply in the state. kcr questioned that the electricity has now disappeared when they were able to give it eight years before the congress government. kcr alleged that when he was in power, he provided water with Mission Bhagirath. kcr asked why tankers had to come. It is said that the motors are burning because the current is coming and going.

Telangana Ministers have countered KCR's comments that drought was brought about by incompetent Congress. minister Uttam Kumar reddy alleged that every word spoken by kcr was a lie. He is depressed and frustrated. He said that kcr lied that the generator was installed and the meeting was held, and when there was a technical problem, the current was lost. minister Uttam Kumar reddy explained that there is no power failure even for a minute in the state.

Deputy chief minister Bhatti Vikramarka said that the negligence of the previous government for ten years is the cause of the current situation. Despite the criticisms of the ruling and opposition leaders, it is worrying that the groundwater level in telangana is decreasing day by day and has fallen to a lower level than last year.

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