Elections: Did you know this..? If the voters don't have fingers…?

The city of general elections rang. All the major parties have started the campaign season. Candidates are already announced phase-wise. Moreover.. they are impressing the voters by sharpening their strategies to win at any cost. According to the schedule released by the Central election commission for the general elections, the assembly elections of andhra pradesh, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh, and sikkim will be held along with the lok sabha elections. The elections will be held in 7 phases. The counting of votes will be done on june 4.

The first phase of polling will be held on april 19. The second installment will be held on april 26, the third installment on May 7, the fourth installment on May 13, the fifth installment on May 20, the sixth installment on May 25, and the seventh installment on june 1. As part of the fourth phase, polling for 25 mp seats in ap and 17 in telangana will be held on May 13. elections to the ap assembly will be held on the same day.

The first thing that usually comes to mind when it comes to elections is the election ink mark... As per the rules of the election commission of India. But if some people do not have that finger, the election commission has suggested alternatives.

If a voter does not have the index finger of his left hand, any other finger of the same hand shall be inked. If the original left hand has no fingers, then the index finger of the right hand is applied. Even if the right-hand does not have an index finger, ink marks will be placed on one of the fingers of that hand.

If the voter does not have fingers on both hands, the election officials will put an ink mark on the last part of the voter's hand. But before this process, whether the person's name is on the voter's list or not, his identity, etc. will be checked in the polling booth.

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