Vote early in the morning on polling day; The ruling party will turn it into a hoax - Premalatha

Premalatha has said that people should go and cast their vote early in the morning on the polling day, otherwise, the ruling party will turn it into a fake vote.

The lok sabha elections will be held in tamil Nadu on the 19th. With few days left for the campaign, many senior leaders from major parties have stepped into the field and are actively campaigning. In this way, today in support of kanchipuram parliamentary candidate Irajasekhar, DMD general secretary Premalatha Vijayakanth engaged in collecting votes in an open vehicle near the kanchipuram bus stand.

Speaking among the allies of Premalatha, the Kachchathivu issue is being talked about in a big way. The artist and the Indira congress together have trampled our rights. The fishermen's problem started that day. DMK, congress has also given up Kachchathivu and Cauvery rights. DMK and congress are responsible for the genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils.

DMK and congress are responsible for all the problems. Make this alliance a huge success in this election. Go and cast your vote on the 19th polling day in the morning. Otherwise, your vote will become a black vote. Today, DMK is ready to unleash all violence to win all constituencies by creating law and order-disorder with its power, power, and money.

He encouraged the volunteers to ask if this force was enough or if they needed a little more. A large number of DMDK, AIADMK, and other alliance party executives and volunteers participated while campaigning by DMDK General Secretary Premlatha Vijayakanth.

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