DMK and congress conspired to betray tamil Nadu - H.Raja alleges

The DMK congress has conspired to hand over Kachchathiwa to sri lanka against the Tamils and now the interview of former bjp National Secretary H. raja in Karaikudi has come out.

DMK and congress conspired to betray tamil Nadu H.Raja alleges

Former bjp National Secretary H raja met the media with Devanathan, who is contesting for the sivaganga Lok Sabha seat on BJP's behalf, at the Karaikudi bjp election office in Sivagangai district. At that time, he said, through the agreement of 1974, the congress party at the center handed over Kachchathiwa to Sri Lanka. Not only the congress, but the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, the current chief minister has given his approval through his drama, and the Kachchathivu tar has been laid.

Karunanidhi was the one who fasted for three hours in 2009 when Sri Lankan Tamils were killed. What did he say then? chidambaram called a ceasefire and ended his fast. On june 19, 1974, the Central Government's External Relations Secretary, Chief Secretary Sabanayagam, and home Secretary Ambrose gathered there on 19th june 1974 and with the approval of karunanidhi, laid the foundation stone for Kachathivu Sri Lanka.

After the agreement in 1976, it was agreed that Kachchathivu was a part of Sri Lanka. If so, what a big betrayal DMK has committed. karunanidhi was the one who spoiled the drink by making the Tamils who did not know what it was to drink. congress and DMK are the reason why Tamils were killed in Mullivaikal. But they ask why you are reminding Tamils of backstabbing 50 years ago today.

Just so you don't cheat again. He often asks the central government for money. You said that we received and spent 4 thousand crores for the rainwater drainage system project in Chennai. The minister says that we are spending only 40 percent. Can you pay without giving an account? First-class paid. Payment cannot be made without accounting. There are 8 vessels per MB. But he doesn't have a car? The documents obtained through the annamalai Right to Information Act are burning their stomachs.

P chidambaram and karthik chidambaram were in Tihar Jail. When asked by the reporter what is the reason to talk now about something that has not been talked about for 10 years, the Katchativu agreement is an international agreement. Ask the person who poured the tar and come back. Then you can ask why it was not recovered. Yesterday the Foreign minister made it clear. He said that we will take appropriate action.

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